It may sound "too easy" or "too good to be true". However, here's the deal. It is very "easy" to sign up and become enrolled and land this job. We don't require any application process or job interview at this time to be part of our training team. The only requirement to get paid by Instant Rewards is to complete some free or very low cost trial offers of their products and services and yes, you need to use your credit or debit card to do that. You see, these companies are advertising on the site in the hope of bringing in new long term customers. So please check out offers that you might be interested in keeping while going through the process. Of course you may cancel during the trial membership but the reason this opportunity is out there is to advertise for this fortune 500 companies. 

However, it is our job (and if you choose to work with us it will be your job) to only drive traffic to the site and obtain sign-ups for the trials. It is the Fortune 500 companies' jobs to WOW them into being long term customers. We get paid commissions whether people choose to keep the service or not. Our training is designed to help people implement some basic strategies to get their business going. The only major “catch” is that you have to do the work. It will not happen overnight or by itself. You have to put effort into it on a consistent basis, whether that be full-time or part-time. That is why we advertise this position as a work from home JOB.

 Our Team is unique because we actually provide hands on training for people who want to earn money at home. Our training includes a dedicated training site, one-on-one coaching, daily training webinars from our leaders, a private Facebook group for virtual support 24/7 and ongoing conference calls and other marketing activities. If you need a job, extra money or are struggling, we encourage you to sign up and give it a try. There is no risk to you other than some time to get acquainted with our training, group, and materials.



How much money can I make doing this?

There are tons of active members who are making any where between $100 and $4,000 a week. You have the potential to make about $100 for everyone you refer, so it’s all about how good you are at getting the word out and signing people up. You have to actually have the drive to promote this program, so we can’t promise you that you are going to make money for doing nothing. As long as you are motivated and have good communication skills, you can easily make a decent money doing this. Your earning potential is based on your motivation, abilities and your imagination.



Why do I get paid for signing people up for trial offers

Getting people to try out your product or services for free or a reduced price is one of the most effective forms of advertisement. When a person tries out something that they find useful, it is likely that they will be willing to pay for it after the trial period. Companies give out free or reduced price trial offers in hopes that potential customers will like their product/service and keep using it. It also acts as a method of advertisement. Companies pay big money just to get people to click on their site, so the commissions we earn are justified whether or not people decide to keep using the product/service after the trial.


How do I market this?

There are dozens of effective ways to market this program. You can market it online on social sites like (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc.), on classified sites (Craigslist, Backpage, etc), on blogs, forums and any other website that will allow you talk about it, just be sure to not violate any rules. You can also market it offline by making flyers, business cards, referring friends and family, networking with people and a variety of other strategies.


When someone signs up, how fast do I get paid?

  Instant Rewards offers some of the fastest payouts in the industry. Often times, you can sign a person up and get the money sent to your PayPal account the same day! Sometimes payments may take a few days, but Instant Rewards does it’s best to offer quick payouts.



Why do I have to sign up for the trial offers before I can sign up others?

The companies we promote want you try out their products and services before you start referring other people. You are not obligated to keep the trials beyond the trial period, but we do recommend that you consider supporting the companies that are willing to pay you out commissions. That way everybody wins and we attract new advertisers.



Who can I sign up?

You can sign up anyone in the US and Canada that is over 18 years old. You are only allowed to sign up one person per household. You may also want to be careful of signing up on a public WiFi. If someone from that location has already signed up with Instant Rewards, you may be asked to email a picture of your ID and a printed piece of mail to verify that you don’t live in the same household as someone who signed up for the program before.



Do I have to give my real information?

Yes, the advertisers do not pay out commissions for us to sign up phony people. Use your real information or your account may be placed on hold until you can verify who you really are. Your information is not shared with third parties and none of the companies in our program will do anything to cause harm to you or your identity, so you can feel safe entering your real information.



What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of this program is to introduce people to different products and services in the hopes that they will like it and buy it. The advertisers pay us through Instant Rewards because they hope the people we sign up will like their product or service and continue to use it and pay for it after the trial period. The offers that are being promoted are actually good! Even if you are signing up just for the opportunity to earn income, we fully suggest that you try out the offers you sign up for and you keep and pay for offers that you find useful. Doing so will bring new advertisers into the program and make sure the existing advertisers stick around, allowing everyone to make money together. That’s just good business.



Why do I have to have a Credit or Debit card?

The reason why the companies pay us is because we are linking them to potential customers. Giving them your card information is simply a way of showing that you have the means to be able to pay for the offer if you tried out their service and decided to keep it. However, there is no obligation for you to keep the trials. You are free to cancel them before the end of the trial period, but please try out the offers you sign up for and consider keeping anything that can be of use to you.



Is this a pyramid or matrix scheme?

Since there is no fee required to join our website, it is not considered a pyramid or matrix scheme. In a pyramid scheme, existing members are rewarded with fees paid by new members and the process is repeated continuously. Our site works on the affiliate marketing model – you basically become an affiliate of ours and we pass the commission on to you in the form of a free gift.


Do I have to cancel the offer before the end of the trial period to avoid being charged?

On most offers it is assumed that if you don’t cancel before the end of the trial period, you giving permission to be charged regular membership fees. If you worried about forgetting to cancel an offer that you don’t like, you can sign up for an email reminder service at or You can set up a cell phone text reminders at or


Are the prizes taxable?

 Yes, ANYTIME you earn over $599.00 from anything it can be considered taxable income. Instant Rewards will ask you to submit a W-9 (which you can find on the IRS website) after your first $599.00 is earned. A W-9 is required by the IRS and Instant Rewards cannot pay you out anything more until it is submitted. You WILL NOT receive a W-2 at the end of the year because this is not a pay-by-the-hour job. You will earn everything at your own motivation. This is why you will be self-employed. You should receive a 10-99. I pay everything quarterly which seems to make it easier. You will need to contact a tax professional for information on what percentage you need to put away. It will depend on your tax bracket.